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24/7 FTB Ultimate Minecraft Server!
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22nd Jun 2013

Hey, I'm just inviting everyone here to join me, and several other players, to the FTB Ultimate Minecraft server that I am hosting on my own computer.

What is FTB Ultimate? FTB means Feed The Beast, which is a type of modpack. It's just like Tekkit, except it's better, and it actually has permission from the mod creators to use their mods (Which is why Tekkit died). Ultimate is just the type of modpack within FTB.

Is it dedicated? For the most part it is. Occasionally my computer will shut down thanks to Windows Update or other problems, and occasionally it crashes from random errors. If this happens, then just let me know and I'll get it back up in a jiffy. Because it's not on a purchased server, it won't be perfect, but I have a great computer, and great internet, so I'm capable of hosting for a large quantity of players without lag. Max I've tried so far is like 10.

I don't have FTB, where can I get it? Go to this link to download the FTB launcher: http://feed-the-beast.com ... /#download_wrapper Click "Download EXE" under "Download Client".

Is there anything I need to know about FTB before I join? There's a lot to know. FTB uses several mods, and a lot of them work very well together. It has stuff like industrialcraft, redpower, thaumcraft, and tons more. If you're familiar with some of these mods, you'll have a pretty easy time, but if you aren't, then you'll be using Google every 5 minutes. It'll help if you can join one of the people who knows this game well, or just ask them for some help. Kryten and Sir Squidly are both very knowledgeable about FTB and most of the mods in it.

Once you have FTB open, you'll want to make a profile. The button to do so should be on the bottom, and in it put your Minecraft login. This Profile is for FTB to verify your account. After that, download the FTB Ultimate pack, and run it. After you run it, close it, and open the FTB launcher again. This time, click FTB Ultimate, and on the top, click "Edit Modpack". this will open up a box where the list of all the included mods is on the left, and the right is empty. Look for the mod labeled Gregtech, and click disable. We removed Gregtech from our server because it's really stupid, and makes the game 10000 times harder. You can also get a texture pack from the texture pack tab. We recommend Soartex.

Now that you have FTB Ultimate installed, Gregtech disabled, you can finally join us in our server!
The IP is:
The port is: 25565
IP + Port:

On the server there are currently two crews that are fighting a technological battle, and occasionally a real one. These teams consist of:

Team 1:
Bitches in Paradise (SilentShadow)
Arco (Coldwar_)
Sir Squidly Esquire (Mr. Squidly)
Firefly Reprise (Firefly_Reprise)

Team 2:
Kryten (ThisIsChance)
CCrocks (CCrocks)
Kubiniman (Kubiniman5)
Kryten's Sister
Kubiniman's Sister

Feel free to start your own team, but ask first if you wish to join one. Both teams are very advanced, so if you want to start fresh, we recommend starting your own team and branching away from us as best as you can.
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In paradise.

Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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